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Dream Wienie


  1. What i see emerging here starting from 'The Button' onwards is not merely a style* but a study of a condition of the eye called myodesopsia (the ability to see floaters).


    Apparently lots of people have it. I happen to have this condition. I have seen the world through goggles filled with squigglies since I was a kid. It doesn't bother me at all. Floaters are one of several visual distortions created by the eye itself.


    There's another one that I experience that is not on that list which I've tried to identify without any luck. But anyways...

    Remember for the portfolio interview we needed to write a paragraph explaining what visual culture means to us? I didn't talk about visual culture at all. I said it was more important to reflect on processes that come before visual culture because what takes place in the eye (or in the mind for that matter) will determine what will appear in front of it. I thought at the time: Well, probably not the answer they want, but at least it tells them why I'm in design and not art! But your paintings present another possibility: Art which speaks to not visual culture but instead to ocular phenomena and how we relate to the world through those self-generated structures.

    It took me a while but the more I looked at the paintings the more they coincided with my vision, as if you had captured that hotdog through the medium of my eyes. Don't tell me you see floaters too!

    * ha, ha, this frees me from having to talk about 'art' as I lack any credibility to talk about matters of style, and I assume artists can't stand to hear it.